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Policies & Procedures


Order Form Policies and Procedures

#OFP1. Shipping testing results directly to the dentist’s or physician’s office – (1) BioComp Laboratories automatically ships all results to the dentist’s or physician’s office listed on the order form. The reason for this is simple. Many dental offices prefer to do research and prepare for their patients before starting any procedure. In some cases that office may need to order special dental products and/or supplies that they may not have available in their office before starting your work. (2) Another reason your results are shipped directly to the dentist is for easy retrieval and storage. Keep in mind that you have all rights to these results and you may feel free to ask that office for your testing results at any time.

(Click here for Testing Result Custody Policy #OOP1)

#OFP2. Additional copy of results automatically shipped to Client. – When a Client indicates on the Biocompatibility order form and includes proper payment for an additional copy of their testing results, BioComp Laboratories automatically sends that duplicate report to the client. To clarify, one copy will be shipped to the dentist’s or physician’s office and the other copy will be shipped directly to the client. This is done completely for the convenience of our clients. If this is a problem then please note on your order form to have that additional copy sent to an alternative destination and our office will be happy to oblige.5

#OFP3. No dental or medical office listed on the order form. – When BioComp Laboratories receives an order form that does not contain a dentist’s or physician’s office listed we automatically send the results and any additional copies requested to the client.

#OFP4. BioComp Laboratories maintains the right to withhold testing results till all balances are paid in full to the company. – BioComp Laboratories is unable to extend a line of credit to our clients at this time. All balances are expected to be paid in full before testing results are released. Some clients wish to have their testing covered by insurance. Unfortunately BioComp Laboratories does not take on insurance assignments at this time.


Other Form Policies and Procedures

#OOP1. Dental or medical offices may demand custody of your testing results. – It is only on rare situations that BioComp Laboratories retain testing results from our clients. Some dental and medical offices that we deal with may be required by law or some sort of certified organizational policy that clients must obtain a copy directly from the treatment facility. This may be a problem that will have to be worked out between you and that office. In most cases we can provide most clients with copies directly from our office. Please keep in mind that there is a nominal fee associated with ordering that extra copy. To order please contact our office.


Biocompatibility Testing Policies and Procedures

#BCT1. BioComp Laboratories Biocompatibility report does test root canal and implant materials. However it’s the recommendation from research that has been conducted by Doctor Thomas Levy, MD, JD and Doctor Robert Kulacz, DDS that root canal and implants should be avoided due to the serious issues that these procedures can cause to the immune system. Their collaborative efforts and research prompted them to co-author a book called “The Roots of Disease.” This book completely informs the reader about the dangers of root canal treated teeth and implants. We ask all individuals to research root canals and implants extensively before coming to a decision to have these procedures completed. We recommend starting your research with the above mentioned book.


#BCT2. Any sample arriving here at BioComp Laboratories without the client’s name on the vial will be considered invalid for testing and will not be tested. – General medical ethics do not allow for testing of a sample if there is no way to verify who it came from. This is why we require that all samples received to be clearly marked with the client’s first and last name. If a sample is received that is not clearly marked then we require the sample to be redrawn at the client’s expense. It will be up to the client to deal with the laboratory to seek monetary compensation or a complimentary redraw.

#BCT3. Report Mailing – All completed reports are mailed via First-Class Mail with the United States Postal Service, unless otherwise noted on the Biocompatibility report order form. First Class-Mail is typically 6 to 7 day delivery. In some cases this might not accommodate some of our clients. For those clients with time constraints we offer Priority Mail through the United States Postal Service 2 to 3 day delivery. Keep in mind that this is not a guaranteed 2 or 3 day delivery. For our clients needing their results due to a possible dental emergency we recommend having your results shipped via FedEx. FedEx standard overnight delivery is guaranteed overnight by noon the next day in most places. Additionally any FedEx overnight shipment sent from our office on Friday will actually arrive Monday by noon. Saturday delivery is not an option at this time. (CLICK HERE FOR OUR POLICY ON FAXING AND EMAILING OF REPORTS #BCT4)

#BCT4. Faxing and Emailing – BioComp Laboratories policy is strict on faxing of report findings. Only in an extreme emergency will our office fax a report. We frown on faxing due to our report being over 60 pages in length. This causes two problems. The first is many dental offices do not like to receive 60 page faxes. Secondly we are unable to guarantee a flawless transmission. We will only try to fax something three times. If all three attempts fail then you must have your results mailed. BioComp Laboratories is not setup to email report findings at this time. Our current report system is not compatible with standard email file formats such as adobe .PDF files. We hope to change this in the future. Sorry for any inconvenience.

#BCT5. Dry Ice Shipment instructions – Dry ice shipment is required when FedEx is unable to guarantee overnight delivery to our office. It’s very important that your sample stays cool during its shipment to us. Unfortunately our regular shipment methods will not support a sample for more then 24 hours. In order to ship via dry ice you will first need to locate a packaging and shipping company that distributes UN 3373 stickers and dry ice shipment boxes, these are insulated Styrofoam and cardboard boxes. That same company might also be able to provide you with dry ice and pack your sample correctly for shipment to our offices. If that company does not have dry ice you can often obtain dry ice from your local grocery store. Pack the sample exactly the way the instructions detail the procedure from section 6 “packing of the testing kit.” The only alteration to the instructions is to place the white cardboard testing kit box inside the dry ice box surrounded by dry ice. You may discard the FedEx plastic Clinical Pak. Seal the box and affix the FedEx air bill and the UN 3373 sticker to the out side of the shipping box. Please write the following on the outside of your box. “This is a non-infectious, non-hazardous specimen for testing purposes and so far as is known, is taken from a healthy human.” Now your testing kit is ready to ship. Extra Notes: The amount of dry ice required depends on distance the package must travel. In most cases 3 to 5 pounds or 1.5 to 2.5 kilograms should be enough for a 2 to 3 day shipment. Add more dry ice at your own discretion if the package will take longer then the 2 or 3 days to arrive here in the United States.

#BCT6. FedEx re-billing – On rare occasion’s clients or laboratories may forget that they are expected to pay for overnight shipping of the blood serum specimen to our office. When FedEx bills our office for these charges our office policy is to re-bill these fees back to shipper, i.e. the client or laboratory. Keep in mind that FedEx charges an additional fee to re-invoice the shipping party. Please remember to pay before shipping your testing kit to our office to avoid having these additional fees added by FedEx.

Insurance Policies and Procedures

#INS1. Billing the cost of the Biocompatibility testing to insurance – Our clients are expected to pay BioComp Laboratories directly for the Biocompatibility testing. At this time BioComp Laboratories does not take on insurance assignments, nor can our office directly facilitate the insurance claim process for our clients. What can our clients do? Simply put file your own claim with your insurance company. The following are simple steps and explanations to those steps.

Before ordering your testing please call your insurance company and ask them if they cover the following PROCEDURE CODE – CPT 86403. Remind them that this is a procedure code NOT a diagnosis code. BioComp Laboratories can not provide a medical diagnosis code for Biocompatibility testing because we are not a direct patient treatment facility. Also remember to ask your insurance company for any extra paper work that you may need in order to file a claim yourself.

  • After confirming that your insurance will cover the procedure code then please indicate on the Biocompatibility order form and include payment for the insurance information letter to be sent to you.
  • Our office may send your report findings, invoice and insurance letter to either your home or dentist office. (CLICK HERE FOR FULL POLICY EXPLANATION #OFP1) If sent to your dentist’s office then please make arrangements with that office to get both the invoice and insurance letter. Once you have your invoice and insurance letter make a copy and send both of them to your insurance company for reimbursement and file your own copy with your medical records.

Extra Notes:

  • BioComp Laboratories can only provide your insurance company with this insurance letter. Our office can not help beyond the information provided in the letter.
  • BioComp Laboratories BioCompatibility testing is not considered an traditionally established laboratory test, therefore a very high percentage of insurance companies usually refuse claim requests. From our experience, expect your insurance company to decline your request, but we do wish you the best of luck when dealing with your insurance company.

#INS2. Medicare and Medicaid Policy – BioComp Laboratories would like to inform you now, if you are a Medicare and Medicaid recipient, that Medicare and Medicaid does not pay for all of your health care costs and federal law does not allow us to even offer this testing to such a recipient. BioCompatibility testing is considered to be an experimental procedure under the guidelines set by Medicare and Medicaid. Therefore it is ineligible for submission to Medicare or Medicaid, even for rejection. For this reason BioComp Laboratories has opted not to participate in the Medicare and Medicaid programs. The fact that Medicare and Medicaid will not pay for this particular service does not mean you should not receive it; your physician may have had a good reason to recommend our services. This only means you are consenting to pay for this testing out of your own pocket. Before testing can be done our clients must consent to these terms and conditions. By signing our order form you are in turn consenting to these terms and conditions and allowing our office to bill you for this procedure. We cannot offer this testing to any client’s who positively assert to us that they are Medicare or Medicaid beneficiaries. We regret any confusion this may cause you.

BioComp Labs is dedicated to the investigation of dental material reactivity because your health matters.