Dedicated to the investigation of dental material reactivity


What is dental toxicity?

Dental toxicity can occur when foreign materials are placed in a patient’s mouth – this can cause the immune system to react and “reject” the restoration.

Why biocompatibility Testing

Biocompatibility testing allows patients and practitioners to learn about and avoid dental toxicity by avoiding the use of reactive materials in the mouth. 



Metallic components include both amalgam materials & casting alloys. Amalgams are used as filling materials.


Composite materials, commonly known as “white fillings,” are one type of dental material that is quickly gaining popularity. 


Porcelain & ceramic materials are popular dental restoratives because they look & feel very much like real teeth. 



Locate your blood draw location

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Order your Biocompatibility Test kit

Order your Test Kit and the accompanying report, which we will send directly to your provider.


Receive Your
Test kit

You will receive your test kit either by placing your order with us directly, or, your provider will provide you with one.


Take your test kit to your blood draw location

Take your test kit to your local clinical laboratory/blood draw location for collection of a blood serum specimen.


Your specimen is
returned to us

Your specimen is prepared by your selected lab and then sent to Biocomp Laboratories for laboratory testing.


We send the results to your provider

Once the testing has been completed a report is printed and sent to the treating dentist or physician.


Biocomp Laboratories was created by Dr. Hal Huggins because he understood the importance of biocompatibility testing decades ago.

Dr. Huggins knew that after removing toxic dental materials such as mercury dental fillings, the replacement would need to be the least reactive to the patient. As a researcher and toxicologist, he knew that it was imperative to only list materials given by dental manufactures that provided the maximum composition of their products, which may include aluminum. This was critical in analyzing biocompatibility for the individual patient.

He noted that many dental materials had aluminum and that it is toxic to humans. It is only now, that some dental professionals are investigating this very important aspect of dentistry to protect not only their patients, but also their staff and themselves.

Unfortunately, the research on dental materials and the negative impact on human health, continues to be lacking. Reactivity is the amount of change occurring within the immune system when it is subjected to a foreign substance. All foreign substances introduced to the body will elicit a response from the immune system, including dental materials.

Biocomp Lab’s objective is to measure immune system response on an individual basis using our sophisticated blood serum procedure. The end result is the Biocompatibility test – a comprehensive report which simply states whether the dental materials are highly reactive, moderately reactive, or least reactive. This information allows the individual to learn about and avoid dental toxicity by using the least amount of reactive materials possible.

Biological Dentistry Breakthroughs: An Interview with Dr. Blanche Grube on Gaia TV

Along with our friends at Gaia TV, we are very excited to introduce Dr. Blanche’s interview with Dr. Ed Group on the Healing Matrix: Special Series on Dental Health with Dr. Blanche Grube. In this special edition of Healing Matrix, we meet Dr. Blanche Grube who explains how Biological Dentistry saved her life and the lives of many of her patients.

Together with Dr. Ed Group, they discuss the major pitfalls we face with routine procedures in modern dentistry, from mercury fillings to root canals. This is something that Dr. Grube learned firsthand when she began her studies with Biological Dentistry pioneer, Hal Huggins. She discusses her difficulty with reading & concentration, and the surprise cancer diagnosis that came from a blood test result as part of her initial training with Dr. Huggins. After the removal of 18 mercury fillings and 5 root canal teeth, her symptoms dramatically improved. Now she leads the way to healthier lives for many people who have embraced her pioneering techniques.



By Dr. Blanche D. Grube and Anita Vazquez Tibau

A must-read before your next dental visit! Exposing the truth about common dental procedures: It’s not what you have been told…

Did you know that whole-body health begins in your mouth? Many common dental procedures such as dental mercury amalgams, metal crowns, root canals, implants, and even braces have been found to be a causative factor in many diseases that people around the globe are facing today – including cancer.

CHEW ON THIS… BUT DON’T SWALLOW was written not only for the layperson but also for any health care professional who is interested in getting to the “root cause” of a disease rather than just treating symptoms. After Dr. Blanche D. Grube had been trained by and worked with Dr. Hal Huggins (renowned author, of It’s All In Your Head) for decades, they developed the Huggins-Grube Protocol, that includes doing a “Full Dental Revision”.

From the personal experiences of Dr. Blanche to actual case studies to peer-reviewed scientific research, Dr. Blanche shares what she has learned and observed about these conventional dental procedures, including “the safe, the harmful, and the outright dangerous!”

CHEW ON THIS… BUT DON’T SWALLOW  truly is a must-read before your next dental visit.