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Recent years have seen growing concern about toxic components found in many dental materials. There are claims from all sides about which chemicals and components are harmful or potentially dangerous.

As a result, from the thousands of materials available for dentist to choose from, many companies have taken extra steps to create products that are “more biocompatible”.

However, the problem is that no product can be biocompatible with everyone. Every person has a different immune system, and what may not cause problems for one person, could be very harmful to another.

This is the reason that the serum biocompatibility testing was developed; to assist dentists and patients in the determination of which products will be the best for each individual patient’s health.

Presently, Biocomp Labs assays the reactivity to the components of over 9500 dental materials which can be placed into 21 different categories the include: cements, composites, high and low noble crowns, dentures, bonding materials, temporary materials, etc. Each category is then further divided into three tiers of each individual’s serum reactivity: Highly Reactive, Moderately Reactive, and Least Reactive. Notice there is no category for Non-Reactive, as the immune system will always react, even slightly, to anything it recognizes as ‘non-self’.  Practitioners can provide their preferred products and Biocomp Labs will ensure these selections are included in the product database and provide a summary sheet for each patient’s results.

The Biocomp Labs Serum Biocompatibility test is $325.00 USD, which includes the testing kit, prepaid UPS shipping (both ways), electronic and a hard copy bound report sent to your dental provider. 

Customers ordering a test kit will need to have a blood draw/serum separation performed by and medical laboratory or medical office.  Complete instructions are included in the kit.  The phlebotomy supplies and fees are not included in the kit/price.

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