Call 1 (800) 331-2303 for any further information.


  • We do not service the New York area. Please call your governor’s office and file a complaint.
  • BioComp Laboratories does not currently work with any insurance providers and we do not accept insurance.
  • In order to return valid test results, it’s critical that directions are followed exactly as they are provided. Failure to do so may yield inaccurate results and a new test will have to be completed. Please be advised that the cost of a new test kit is $50. If you have questions about specimen collection on any of our tests, please visit our FAQ page, or contact us directly: 1-888-843-5832.
  • If you are requesting expedited shipping (UPS 2-Day for $35.00 or Domestic Overnight for $50.00),
    this only applies to business weekdays as we do not ship during the weekend.
    For example, if you place an order for overnight shipping on a Friday it will not be delivered until Monday.
  • We are unable to issue a refund on purchased tests.