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Five Common Dental Procedures that Could Impact Your Health

FIVE COMMON DENTAL PROCEDURES THAT COULD IMPACT YOUR HEALTH Some of the most common dental procedures that occur during routine dental visits can actually be harmful to your health. Here’s a shortlist of some of the most common dental procedures and materials and how they can impact your whole-body health: Root canal treatments Dental Implants […]

Heart Health Starts in Your Mouth

Heart Health Starts in Your Mouth Everyone knows that going for an annual checkup is good for your health. These checkups can provide you with information and discover potential health problems before they can develop into something serious. What has been the most overlooked area as to where many of these health problems actually start, […]

Is it Wise to Remove Wisdom Teeth?

IS IT WISE TO REMOVE WISDOM TEETH? Your third molars are commonly known as “wisdom teeth” and they generally erupt between the ages of 17 and 23. One of the most common practices amongst dentists is to remove wisdom teeth as soon as they start to come out, whether they are hurting the patient or […]

Getting to the Root of Your Root Canal

Get to the Root of Your Root Canal Perhaps your root canal is the root cause of your health problems. Have you ever gone to a dentist for a scheduled cleaning and the dentist says, “I’ve got bad news, you need a root canal!” Your first thoughts might be, I don’t see anything wrong, and […]