Test Kit, Testing, & Report


Biocompatibility Test Kit, Testing, & Report

Biocomp Labs assays the reactivity to the components of over 11,000 dental materials which can be placed into 21 different categories the include: cements, composites, high and low noble crowns, dentures, bonding materials, temporary materials, etc.

Each category is then further divided into three tiers of each individual’s serum reactivity: Highly Reactive, Moderately Reactive, and Least Reactive.

Notice there is no category for Non-Reactive, as the immune system will always react, even slightly, to anything it recognizes as ‘non-self’.

Practitioners can provide their preferred products and Biocomp Labs will ensure these selections are included in the product database and provide a summary sheet for each patient’s results.

Overview of our testing process and procedures:

  1. A client of Biocomp Laboratories receives a Biocompatibility testing kit either from Biocomp Laboratories directly or is provided one by a treating dentist or physician.
  2. That individual will then take that testing kit to a local clinical laboratory for collection of a blood serum specimen.
  3. The specimen is prepared by that local laboratory and then sent to Biocomp Laboratories for laboratory testing.
  4. Once the testing has been completed a report is printed and sent to the treating dentist or physician.



All testing kits are shipped free of charge to customers within the United States via the United States Postal Service, package should arrive within a 3-5 business-day time period; orders taken during the weekend are shipped the following Monday. Please allow more time for these packages to arrive.

Should you require expedited mailing of your report to your provider, you must add Rush Report Shipping during checkout.

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Rush processing is only for the sample processing once the sample arrives at the lab. Rush fee results are typically available within 1-2 business days from the received date.