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Did you know that 97% of diseases start in the mouth?

It’s true!

Many diseases are caused by poor dental health and root canals and dental amalgams can cause systemic disease. Join Dr. Hotze and special guest, Dr. Blanche Grube as they discuss the correlation between dental health, root canals, amalgams, and heart disease.

Dr. Grube is a renowned thought leader in biological dentistry and is co-developer of the “The Huggins – Grube Protocol.” Dr. Grube was mentored by the late Dr. Hal Huggins, and helped him develop an integrated system that incorporates multiple safety factors to enhance immune recovery by removing all toxic materials from the mouth and restoring as holistically as possible.

Dr. Grube currently runs The Huggins-Grube Dental Center in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

If you have questions about the safe removal of silver dental amalgam – or any restoration materials you may have in your mouth – please visit or – we can help you locate dentists near you who practice The Huggins-Grube Protocol and The Full Dental Revision for the safe removal of these foreign and potentially dangerous materials.

Please watch Part 1 of this compelling interview here…